Prometo Produce in the News

prometo produce fresh plaza blueberry program

“Berry and Avocado Importer Announces Blueberry Program”

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prometo produce and know u know blueberry program

“Prometo Produce’s Edward Guerra Discusses Growth, New Programs, and PMA Plans”

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freshplaza fairtrade article

“Avocado Grower Launches New Fairtrade Program”

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“Shortage of Avocados Because of Mexican Producers’ Strike”

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“Envía Michoacán el Primer Embarque de Coco Certificado a EU”

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“Secretary Perdue Announces Hass Avocado Board Appointments”

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the packer fairtrade article

“Prometo Produce has Fairtrade Avocados”

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food dive fairtrade article

“A Vida Digna for Avocado, Mango Farmers”

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We are proud to say that we comply with all regulatory associations and meet all necessary qualifications with our produce to be certified by GLOBALG.A.P. and Fairtrade International. Our strict adherence to quality control enables us to meet these requirements and provide products that you can always count on for consistency, quality, and satisfied consumers.