About us

Prometo (Productos Mexicanos para Todos / Mexican Products for Everyone)

Prometo Produce specializes in the development of fresh fruit programs especially Hass Avocados and Blackberries. Producers who have their farms in excellent condition looked for a way to put their trust in a young company with high growth potential.

Thanks to the results that have been produced, Prometo Produce has integrated services from orchards to distribution of National and International markets.


The Prometo Produce team works hard to guarantee the traceability, quality, social and environmental responsibility of its products and services. For that reason, customers choose us knowing that we are their best option.

Proudly, Prometo Produce is a company that is certified “Fairtrade”, breaking paradigms in the industry. Prometo believes in fair trade and believes in the integration of anyone who wants to cooperate with products or services that benefit others, representing a Dignified Life (“Vida Digna”) for all members and customers.

prometo mission and vision

Mission & Vision


It is our mission to provide our customers with the freshest products during every season, distinguishing ourselves as being ethical and professional with our suppliers.  It is important for us to help our team enjoy a decent life, “Vida Digna”, with their loved ones.


To become a company recognized worldwide for the freshness and quality of our products.  It is our desire to create long lasting relationships by providing outstanding customer service, which promotes a great family-like collaboration of dignified people providing for their own families.

prometo mission and vision

Prometo® Brand

Prometo® is our own brand, created to show the exclusivity of being the best fruits being sold in the market. The Prometo® brand takes strict care that it’s products are fresh, tasty and nutritious for the consumer, and certified to the highest standards. When you get products with the Prometo® label, you can be sure to expect nothing but excellent flavor.

Prometo Brand logo

Vida Digna Brand

Many of our products contain the Vida Digna label. Prometo Produce promotes the Vida DignaMR Produce brand since it summarizes with just two words the vision our company has to it’s suppliers, customers and partners; provide a decent life using all resources that can be generated from the farmer who sows the seed to the consumer who enjoys any Vida DignaMR fruit.

Prometo Produce, besides being committed to packing and selling quality fruits, is committed to all those who influence win-win negotiations in order to maintain a “Vida Digna” with their loved ones.

vida digna produce logo
fairtrade graphic


Fairtrade promotes fairer trading conditions between a grower and a buyer, and this allows a grower to invest in their business, or communities. Fairtrade ensures that the produce purchased is ethically sourced.  There is a premium payment that we gather for every Fairtrade box we sell, and the community determines how to invest their earnings, whether it be to build a new school, or medical clinic for their community. With that being said, the Fairtrade Mark is known as the most ethical label used worldwide for allowing growers to work in safe conditions, and most importantly get paid fairly. When anyone purchases Fairtrade products they are helping indigent people build a dream.

At Prometo Produce we are dedicated to our growers living a decent life, “Vida Digna!”


We are proud to say that we comply with all regulatory associations and meet all necessary qualifications with our produce to be certified by GLOBALG.A.P. and Fairtrade International. Our strict adherence to quality control enables us to meet these requirements and provide products that you can always count on for consistency, quality, and satisfied consumers.