Prometo Produce is a company dedicated to purchasing perishables from producers in all regions of the United States, Mexico, and Peru during the prime season in each region. We are a company that closely monitors the entire harvesting process in order to provide clients with the best product during each season.

Prometo Produce values the work and effort the farmers make during the complete harvest process from planting the seed to harvesting the fruit, which is why we take pride in saying we always pay the best price on the market.

Prometo Produce employees are people committed to the environment, society, and especially the mission and vision that the company shares.

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Our Main Brand

Most of our products contain the VidaDigna label. Prometo Produce decided to work with Vida Digna™ produce since it summarizes with just two words the vision our company has to its suppliers, customers and partners; provide a decent life using all resources that can be generated from the farmer who sows the seed to the consumer who enjoys any Vida Digna™ fruit.

Prometo Produce, besides being committed to packing and selling quality fruits, is committed to all those who influence win-win negotiations in order to maintain a “Vida Digna” with their loved ones.


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